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Snotgrass signed with Swamp Bogger toy

Image of Snotgrass signed with Swamp Bogger toy


I grew up listening to my grandfather telling tall tales about the strange critters of Washington Pond, Maine. Over the years most of my art work, comics, resin toys, tee shirt designs, and plush toys have been visual depictions of these mythical Maine beasts. This winter in Maine was a record high for snow. I spent most of it inside writing a book titled after one of my grandfather's tall tales, Snotgrass. The book is now a paperback and kindle download on Amazon. I just got my first case of paperback books and want to offer a special batch of signed copies along with a handmade resin toy of a Swamp Bogger. Each Swamp Bogger is unique and will be shipped at random. This is a limited time offer and all orders will be shipped US Priority Mail. FREE shipping for all US orders! Intended for collectors age 16 and older. More info about the book Snotgrass at: