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Space Cat Super Star Ship Explorer

Image of Space Cat Super Star Ship Explorer

$45.00 - On Sale

This is to please the science fiction enthusiast and cat lover at the same time. If you love space, or cats, or cats in space... this is the UFO for you. There are two cats to choose from. First there's the Inviso-Kitty made of clear acrylic. Inviso-Kitty changes color, and allows the light show to pass through the top of the flying saucer. The Tan Wood Tabby is nice because you can easily see that there's a cat inside the pod. When the UFO is not lit, you can barely see the Inviso-Kitty, so wood is better for display in some ways, clear is better for light show. They are both awesome, so it's hard to choose.

UFO measures 3" wide, 2" tall. Laser cut clear acrylic and maple plywood with gumball capsule pod. Hand assembled and soldered with battery holder, on/off switch and color changing LED. The etched and cut acrylic ring refracts the light into a dazzling light show. Each UFO ships USPS Priority Mail, battery included. See videos and photos at: ~ Due to small parts (battery, nuts, bolts) the art by J.E.Moores is intended for collectors age 15 and up.

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