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Custom UFO

Image of Custom UFO


The little Aliens will engrave a short sentence, name, slogan, pretty much anything that fits around the outer acrylic ring of the flying saucer. See where it says, "I Want To Believe" in the photo? That's where your inscription goes. See how the light makes the inscription glow? Include your inscription in comments field when you check out, or email me the information. JEMTOY UFOs are about 3" wide, 2" tall, made from laser cut maple plywood and clear acrylic. The on/off switch, battery holder, and LED are hand soldered into each UFO to create an amazing light show. Custom JEMTOY UFOs ship USPS Priority Mail. Battery included so UFO is ready right out of the box. This is a one of a kind custom gift that will please any science fiction UFO fanatic. Need ideas? How about, "May The Force Be With You" or "Ludicrous Speed", or my favorite, "Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum". I wonder what awesome Sci-Fi tid-bit would you inscribe around the outside?

Coming Soon